Do I need a pass for everyone in my family?

Access to Geist Waterfront Park requires one Fishers SmartPass per vehicle. Each individual in your party is not required to have their own Fishers SmartPass. Members of the same family, older than 18, should create their own pass as the Fishers SmartPass and OpenPath Mobile Access app is only accessed on the phone you used to set up your account.

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1. What is the Fishers SmartPass?
2. How will I use my pass to get into the Geist Waterfront Park?
3. Will anyone be on site to open the gate if I forget my phone or pass?
4. Is the Geist Waterfront Park the only location I need a SmartPass for?
5. Can I register for a SmartPass onsite?
6. Who is eligible for the Fishers SmartPass?
7. I’m not a Fishers resident. Can I get a Fishers SmartPass?
8. How much does it cost?
9. Do I need a pass for everyone in my family?
10. Do I need a new SmartPass every time I visit?
11. Does my Smart Pass ever expire?
12. How can I cancel or delete my Fishers SmartPass?
13. What if I don’t have a smartphone? Can I get a physical card?
14. Does my Fishers SmartPass allow for cashless payment for concessions, towels, apparel, or rentals?
15. Is there a limit on the number of times I can visit the park per Fishers SmartPass?
16. Is there a limit on the number of guests in my party per pass/resident?
17. Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the park without an adult?
18. If my child is visiting the park with another family, will they need their own pass?
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