Geist Greenway FAQs

What and where is the Geist Greenway?

The Geist Greenway will be an approximately five-mile pedestrian path, stretching north and south from 96th Street to 131st Street. The greenway will follow the Duke Energy 150-foot transmission line easement for the placement of the trail. The goal for this proposed Greenway is to increase connectivity for surrounding pedestrians and bicyclists in eastern Fishers and provide for additional recreational opportunities within the community.

I live along the proposed greenway and am concerned about safety.

Geist Greenway is considered a linear park and will be open for use from dusk until dawn. Similar to other trails within the City of Fishers, the Fishers Police Department will patrol the Greenway. FPD data does not support the theory that public trails correlate with higher crime rates.

I live along the proposed Greenway and am concerned about privacy.

Screening, trees, and fencing are not allowed within Duke Energy’s easement due to potential interference. Property owners can put up screening, trees, and fencing on their property if it is not on the easement line.

Will having a new public amenity like this impact property values?

Studies have shown that transformational projects like this can increase property values. Because of quality-of-life investments such as this, Fishers property values typically see increases year-over-year.

Will there be amenities along the greenway?

Similar to the screening, trashcans, benches, restrooms, dog waste stations, and other amenities cannot be placed in the powerline easement. Discussion on this will continue as the project progresses. These amenities may be included at intersections along the route.

What is the Bell Ford Bridge?

In partnership with Hamilton County, the Bell Ford Covered Bridge that used to stand in Jackson County near Seymour, Indiana will be relocated and restored to offer a safe crossing over Fall Creek just west of Florida Road providing a connection from Geist Greenway to Geist Park.