Bay Area Bistro


Bay Area Bistro has been in business since 2019 running a brick and mortar store in Fishers. They became a vendor at the Fishers Farmers Market in 2020.


bay area bistro

INTERVIEW: Anne Dinkel, owner

Why did you start your business?
"We started the business from the San Francisco Bay Area and had a Filipino fusion business there and started one here in 2019. I have a passion for cooking, and I know there is a large Filipino population in the area."

What products do you sell, and what is your most popular product?
"Breads, shakes, waffles - traditional foods from the Philippines."

What is an interesting fact about your business?
"We started out to just do Filipino fusion foods, but developed more traditional foods due to guest requests."

What else do you want customers to know about your business?
"We are different from establishments that may seem similar, especially with our gourmet Filipino Fusion foods."